Making 3:45 am Worth It

When I tell people I work at Baked and I get to create delicious goodies all day, they usually say something along the lines of, “How do you not eat everything you make?!”  Honestly, it is a struggle.  I have a wonderful job with wonderful people and wonderful perks (I’m talking about you, breakfast cookie!), but bakers actually have pretty crazy days! Luckily for you, I am officially inviting you to peek into a day in the life of a Baked employee.


3:45 am – My alarm goes off and I immediately regret watching Netflix until midnight. I fumble around until I finally find my phone, snooze it, and then I enjoy nine more peaceful minutes of sweet, sweet sleep.



3:54 am – I actually wake up when my alarm goes off a second time, and the day has officially begun! I put on make up, brush my teeth, and get dressed (usually in the dark, so it’s a miracle my clothes ever match).


4:30 am – I leave my house and head to work. One of the perks of working before anyone else wakes up is that you never have to worry about traffic! On the way, I wonder why I didn’t make any coffee and I listen to music that is probably way too upbeat to ever be played this early.


5:00 am – I’m finally at Baked and it’s time to start setting up for the day!  We spend the next few hours decorating cupcakes, baking cookies, filling the case with brownies, preparing a rainbow of macarons, and doing our best to make the bakery look as delicious and inviting as possible.  I check to make sure we have all of our orders ready to go out and figure out what orders still need to be done.  We openers also use this time to quality check everything we make (who needs coffee when you can get an early morning sugar buzz, y’know?).


10:00 am – Everything is baked and ready by this time, so the store smells extra delicious.  I unlock the doors and Baked is officially open! Those five hours of prep are all worth it when I see our store through the eyes of a customer.  The case is sparkling, the cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat, and I know we will make someone’s day today.  On Wednesdays we use this time for Huddle, so the whole Baked crew can come together as a team, talk about how the past week went, and strategize to make the next week even better. People start coming in and I begin a whole new chapter of my day in customer service.  Cupcakes are the universal language of happiness, and there is nothing better than sharing that happiness with everyone who comes through the door!


12:30 - During the last few hours of my shift I am constantly moving, from baking more products to preparing fillings and garnishes for cupcakes, to helping customers, to keeping the kitchen clean.  I look up and realize my shift is almost over!  I spend a few minutes finishing cleaning tasks, washing dishes, organizing, and helping my coworkers before I clock out and head home.


My day might sound a little hectic, but I always remember that I am lucky enough to create things that people really love every day. At the end of the day, doing what I love to do and sharing that passion with so many people is what truly makes every 3:45 am wake up call worth it.