Eleanor's Party

Rachel and her daughter Eleanor came in at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, my last of six parties for the weekend. When you think of children’s birthday parties, the last words that come to mind are “calm” and “relaxing” but that’s exactly how I would describe Eleanor’s party.

I could tell I was going to love them from the moment they walked in. Rachel came up to me as I was setting up and told me “You’ve made this look so beautiful for her. I feel like I should just hug you.” She did and that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Eleanor and her friends, a group of artistically inclined eleven year olds, responded so well to the decorating lesson I gave them that I pretty much gave Eleanor free reign to decorate her cake. The girls quizzed me on my background in decorating and my love of David Bowie, all while Eleanor made a gorgeous three layer cake covered in pink flowers and hearts.

It was one of those experiences that reminds you how much a kitchen can really feel like a home.

XOXO Jackie