Mother's Day with Baked by Amy's

Ever heard of the gift of motherhood? Baked by Amy’s believes it’s time to give back!

She was there for birthdays, graduations, your wedding day, and the day you had a child of your own. She was even there when you had a difficult break-up, or tried so hard but still fell short of your goal, with a caring touch and understanding ear.

At Baked it is our passion to help you create the perfect treat for Mom or Grandma and return the consideration she has always given you. Remember being a kid and baking Mom cookies to celebrate her special day? Her wide smile showed how proud she was of your hard work. Now you can give her something just as thoughtful and handmade, but this time all grown up!

Pick up some of our festive macaroons for a garden tea party or an impressive cake to share around the family table, decorated beautifully to make her heart melt.  We have all sorts of goodies to fit every mom’s taste, we just need your help choosing the right one for her!

Even though you are no longer a child, you can still make memories with Mom that will last a lifetime! Allow Baked to help you send her a simple but ever enduring message: somebody loves you.