Did You Say Pieke?

The Ultimate Dessert for This Special Time of Year! 


It’s just two weeks before Thanksgiving and Grandma is already asking what you’re bringing to dinner. Dad already bought the turkey and Mom is telling everyone about that award worthy dessert you brought last year. The pressure is on and you are totally feeling it! Cake? Did that last year. Pie? The year before. Oh gosh, what to do?

Pssst. Ever heard of a Pieke? No? Well the pastry chefs at Baked by Amy’s heard your cries for help and invented it for situations just like yours! A cake that looks just like a pie! Combine your favorites to shock everyone at the dinner table and blow last year’s dessert out of the water! These Piekes come in three classic flavors: apple, pumpkin, and triple berry. Both pie and cake lovers alike will be pleased by the sight of this baked novelty.